Want to earn well and live free? Choose U.S.A

People, around everywhere, call this country, ‘Paradise of Dreams’ or ‘Land of free will’ Yes indeed it stands up to it and the country being discussed about is none other than United States of America (U.S.A). Once known for its multicultural inhabitants, U.S.A is a proud host to several immigrants residing there, while enjoying all the benefits the country has got to offer.

For U.S.A, one can definitely say that the grass is greener on this side, because people want to immigrate to the United States for:

  • Better education for their kids,
  • Better employment opportunities and for
  • Upgraded standard of life.

Although the driving force that attracts people to immigrate to U.S is, way better pay than they were being offered earlier since dollar is much higher than most countries’ currency. Therefore, many immigrants compose an increasingly essential proportion of the workforce in U.S.

Essential requirements that one must know before immigrating to U.S:

The board of authority responsible for immigration process in U.S broadly allows two different kinds of Visas, namely:

  • Immigrant Visas – One can apply for an immigrant visa if he/she is planning to live and work in U.S. on permanent basis.
  • Non-immigrant Visas – If your visit to U.S is on temporary basis, then you can apply for this visa.

If you wish to immigrate to U.S A under the former category, than you need to acquire a Green Card, which is granted to authorized immigrants willing to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis. A Green Card also called a permanent resident card can be obtained in different ways, but there are certain conditions, that can make one eligible for it, like:

  • Sponsorship from a prospective employer.
  • Educational qualification
  • Credible Work experience

As discussed earlier, U.S offers various benefits, so does the Green Card that is allotted:

  • If you are a Green Card holder, you can access various social security benefits,
  • Green card holders can permanently settle in U.S
  • Green card holders can also acquire property or vehicle in U.S

Hence, it’s time to live the dream of immigration to U.K, which can be made possible with Make Visas, a renowned immigration and visa consultancy firm. Make Visas happens to be one of the leading consultancy firms, responsible for making the ambition of immigrating to abroad, come true for numerous people.

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