Top 5 reasons: why migrate to New Zealand?

New Zealand is rightly described as a beautiful path to travel through the white clouds. It happens to be a country of amazing scenic beauty and is popularly called “Paradise of the Pacific”. Besides the mesmerizing scenery, it offers a host of opportunities to professionals around the world.

Why opt for New Zealand?

  1. Balanced Lifestyle:
    New Zealand offers a balanced lifestyle to immigrants, in the sense that, it provides a right strike between career and personal life by enhancing both.
  1. Sense of Security:
    New Zealand is a multicultural country with diverse population. It lays great emphasis on cultural safety. Further, according to international surveys, New Zealand is rated as one of the world’s most serene and least corrupt countries.
  1. Job Opportunities:
    The good news for skilled immigrants is that, New Zealand’s employment market has been spoken about progressively since there are many job openings for specialists in industries such as medicine, engineering and IT.
  1. Top Notch Education:
    Several well known institution of higher education like University of Auckland or Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand offers a broad range of courses to pursue from.
  2. Health Care Facilities:
    New Zealand provides broad medical care which is available to all citizens, residents and work visa holders. If you meet the required criteria, then along with you, your spouse and children aged 19 years or under will also be eligible for publicly funded health care.

After evaluating all these appealing benefits, foremost thing that one has to decide is which visa option to go for. Basically there are two main categories if one wishes to live in New Zealand permanently, that is-

  • Skilled Migrant Category visas, and
  • Work to Residence visa,

So, if you think you have what it takes to shine in this stunning country of green you can straight away start with the visa application process.

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