Denmark Green Card

Denmark is a country with developed technology and economy. Denmark Green Card scheme will allow people to reside and work in Denmark. This will be possible if only the individual will achieve sufficient points and also fulfilling the required criteria like age, verbal communication skills, education and also should have occupational experience.
Denmark Green Card Application Process
In order to submit an application form the individual need to complete three steps. First is creating case order ID, then paying the fee and finally submitting the application, appeal for reopening.
Denmark Green Card Scheme and Points Calculator
In order to work in Denmark, the individual is supposed to have a work permit and a residence permit. This can be achieved under this scheme. If the individual, under this scheme gets a residence permit then it is not compulsory to get a work permit again. In order to attain a Danish Green Card Requirements the individual must and should score the minimum number of points under the Denmark Points Calculator.
Denmark Green Card Points System
This scheme points are calculated by taking into consideration of five categories. They are as follows:
·         Education
·         Language Skills
·         Work Experience
·         Adaptability
·         Age
·         Financial Requirements
Denmark Green Card Work Permit
This scheme will allow the foreign individual to live in Denmark and to work in the country. The standard procedure followed to calculate the points to get the Denmark work permit will be based on the above mentioned five categories. An individual should score a minimum of 100 points in order to get a Danish Work Permit. This card holder with a foreign education is not allowed to work for certain types of jobs until and unless the individual gets an official approval from the relevant authority in Denmark.
Denmark Positive List Work Permit
A foreign person can get a job in Denmark under one more scheme where an individual can apply for the vacancies made available in a positive list. The positive list contains a number of vacancies available in several sectors where there is a shortage of skilled experts. An additional main condition in the plan is that the individual looking for a Denmark work permit must and should posses a written employment offer or bond that will instruct the individual regarding the pay and work circumstances. The compensation and service conditions should meet the Danish standards, terms and regulations. The individual should posses a minimum level of educational standard, i.e. a Bachelor’s degree to achieve a Denmark work permit.
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