Hong Kong QMAS Visa Program – Value for your Skills

Hong Kong is surely one leading economic destination in Asian region since last century. And after a merger with mainland China, this city has gained more importance. There is a tremendous growth being registered on year basis and to serve to this there is a consistent need of skilled manpower ready to settle and work in Hong Kong.

In 2006 authorities introduced a fast track system Quality Migrant Admission Scheme – QMAS. Through this Program the government is trying to attract qualified engineers from main land China and all across the globe.

The story of development continues in this city state, continuing on advantages it gained in pre-unification era has been reinstated with further forays into various areas of economic activity. These factors can be elaborated by the fact that the government of China has allowed this city to continue with its old set-up of capitalist governance and allow market forces to rule the local economy. Today HK retains its position among the leading trading centres in the Asian region. Opportunities are ajar for Engineers in this old British enclave, with numerous sectors developing and expanding rapidly. Every sphere of economy is in need of outstanding qualified engineering professionals.

Fastest of the growing sectors are manufacturing, civil and ancillary sectors. With China mainland foraying into new areas of achievements, Hong Kong’s contributions seems to grow all the more. This city stands up to challenge the world’s leading economic powers. In the manufacturing sector, several industries are developing at a very rapid rate. These cover capital intensive and consumer based industries. The production of several products like electronics equipment for industrial and household purposes, aircraft and aerospace spares, military hardware, automobiles, and automation systems etc. need a constant input of expertise to assist in faster and efficient achievement of qualitative productivity. This is a promising turf in engineering branches in mechanical, industrial and electrical trades etc.

In chemical engineering to cater to venues using industrial chemicals and household consumables there is a dire need of specialist chemists, who can not only handle several production procedures efficiently but also sustain standard operating procedures to guarantee meeting minimum quality standards. Besides the manufacturing industry Engineers could find openings in abundance in civil construction sector, with all the infrastructural projects needing a fast implementation and completion, it has become essential for the authorities to create a qualified expertise resource and pool for faster commissioning of projects. The QMAS Program of Hong Kong for Engineers is expected to fulfil the growing need for economy and bring in a rich input in numbers to really serve the objective of Industrial productive efficiency. If you are above 18 years and a qualified engineering professional, you have an awesome chance to get employment in this city state.
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