Benefits of ETA Visa Australia

Australia is the most preferred tourist destination among the travelers across the globe. To immigrate here as a tourist you must apply for an Australian tourist visa. Vacations in Australia Visa are without any second thought the most desirable ones. It darns its visitors with world famous sights and amazing indoor and outdoor adventures. To immigrate to any foreign country, you have to hold a legal visa. Visa is a legal document which testifies that the person to whom it belongs to is authorized to enter the territory of the specific country for which it is issued. It is issued by the department of immigration of that particular nation for which you have applied for. Likewise, if you are planning to travel to Australia for vacations, either with your family, friends or alone, then you have to apply for tourist visa to Australia & travel eta visa.

One of the most common one and easily applied for Australia Visitor Visa these days is ETA tourist visa. This visa is issued for 12 months and the holder can spend up to three consecutive months in the territory as a tourist. ETA is electronically attached to the applicant’s passport, thus if your passport expires before the validity of your ETA then your visa automatically expires. So, before applying make sure to check your passport validity date. ETA’s are only issued to ETA eligible countries which are enlisted by the Department of immigration and citizenship (DIAC), which are as follows: Brunei, Canada, Hong Kong (SAR), Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea & United States of America.

ETA tourist visa can be applied online. Many online visa provider companies are populating the web these days, you just have to search one which is genuine by reading its terms and conditions and other policies. These companies charge you with some processing fees and in return serve you with the benefit of some extra services. Applicants of tourist visa must not be involved into any criminal proceedings and is not permitted to undertake any work while staying in Australian territory on a tourist visa. Limited volunteer work may be acceptable.

Holder of Australian tourist visa should make sure to leave the Australian territory when his visa is about to expires; else strict actions can be taken against him. If, you intend to stay here for longer than 3 months then he can apply for another visa, before the expiration of his prior visa.


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