6 steps to a Successful Immigration

Overseas immigration has always been a great opportunity to secure a high standard lifestyle, career, quality education and global exposure.

Although, it’s a tough decision to make but what comes along with this, is, plenty of opportunities in all aspects. Nowadays immigration is a complicated issue amongst many people, but if planned correctly, it opens door to unbound prospects.

Make Visas, the leading immigration consultancy worldwide offers you an advanced migration process. With a team of professional and experienced consultants, we offer advanced immigration assistance for aspirants worldwide. We deal with range of visa programs for the top destinations across the globe.

Let us show you how we work as a team to bring your proposal to success:

  • Get in touch

Give us a ring or visit our helpdesk at your nearest branch; you are always greeted with the best Immigration guidance and prioritize each and every query of yours.

  • Join a Counseling session

Come for a face-to-face Counseling session and meet out Expert Immigration counselors who can provide keen analysis and world-class assistance to your case.

Get your immigration program planned and move ahead with a stress free visa process.

  • Visa assessment

Our team of experts examines every single data and facts regarding your immigration process. We not only judge your level of acceptance to the other country, we also help you improve it in every manner and for that set of information is desired like your age, educational qualifications, financial standings and experience certificates.

  • Documentation assistance

Offering incomplete information or documents may lead to delays, or at certain times, even outright permit refusals. We at Make Visas look into the positive aspects of your application that would raise your case in the immigration queue and work alongside to help you proceed with document collection.

  • Filing Visa Application

Make Visas’ team will file your Application for your desired Visa Program with precision so that your chances of acceptance are boosted up.

  • Post landing support

Unlike any other Visa consultancy, our support is not contract bound. We are with you throughout the immigration journey and thereafter.

Our team extends its support to resolve any post landing issues and helps in relocating effortlessly. Be it a shed over your head, job search, or finding the right school for your child, Make Visas’ extensive network covers your entire pin to plane needs.

Contact us today to sign up for your desired country and begin your immigration journey.

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Quick steps to get a suitable job profile in Canada

In today’s world there are several options for skilled workers who wish to immigrate and establish a career abroad; and in order to do so, one should choose a country with ideal immigration policies, friendly working environment, immense infrastructure and residential facilities for the overseas immigrants. Canada is one such country that offers job opportunities for new immigrants along with good living standard, and high quality of life. It has also been known for its social and economic growth across the globe. Canada welcomes a fascinating number of immigrants every year due to its social welfare system offered by the government.

Even though the country has high standard of success, It is facing skill shortage in many occupations and so to overcome the vacancies, the Canadian government has launched several visa programs to invite skillful candidates from around the globe. However, with a talented profile, immigration to Canada also requires a valid job offer from a Canadian employer to increase your chances of acquiring the desired visa.

Make Visas’ team of qualified professionals put forward their best efforts to tackle with all your anxiousness and provide complete HR Support in assisting you to get a job abroad.

In terms of international recruitment we ensure that we bridge the gap between global clients and prospective candidates that are highly trained and experienced in their respective domain areas.

Following are the steps through which, you can search a job in Canada efficiently with Make Visas’ quality assistance:

  • Get in touch with Make Visas’ global recruitment team who can assist you in finding the right job.
  • Once we sort down the companies, which offer jobs matching your profile, you can select your desired employment.
  • After your decision is made we will assist you in preparing all essential documents such as a Curriculum Vitae (C.V.) and Covering Letter, etc.
  • Facing an interview in your own country may not be a difficult task; however, applying for job in a new country needs thorough detail preparations. Our team of experts will help you understand the requirements, mindset, and questions of the Canadian employers.

Make Visas is a well known visa and immigration consultancy across the world. With a team of talented and dynamic consultants, we offer advanced immigration assistance for skilled individuals worldwide. We deal with range of visa programs for the top destinations across the globe.

Get in touch with us today and begin your process!
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Immigrants securing better job opportunities in Western Canada


Abundant natural resources, thriving technology & services sectors with low business costs make Western Canada an attractive place for international skilled profiles. Being a significant contributor to the overall Canadian economy, it also has huge job opportunities for immigrants seeking successful career and a quality life abroad.

Western Canada has recently delivered a statistic report showing increasing number of jobs for skilled immigrants.

The rate of employment is as high as 80.2 percent altogether. With respect to this, Alberta remains at 77.8 percent while Quebec stands low at 57.9 and Ontario at 63.2 percent. With the days passing, Alberta and the Prairies are employing more prominent number of immigrants when contrasted with other Canadian regions.

The circumstance in these two territories in the year 2007 is a great proof of more prominent employment in the two western areas. It has been watched, that in 2007 the quantity of workers living there for a long time are landing best job positions in these areas, which is as much as normal Canadian citizens.

Immigrate to western Canada with PNP program

To facilitate the immigration process for applicants who want to settle in any particular province of Canada, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), has ventured upon the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), under which prospective candidate can immigrate to any province in Canada after being nominated by that province he/she opted for.

The basic steps involved in applying under Provincial Nominee Program are as follows:

  • First and foremost step includes being nominated by a state or province of Canada.
  • Apart from being nominated by the province, one has to meet the criteria such as skills, education and work experience in order to be approved.
  • The Province or territory than screens the information provided and ensures whether one suffices their economic or labour market needs.
  • The selected nominees can than go ahead with the process of filing a permanent residency visa within the provided time period.

Even though accomplished individuals who can contribute to the economy of Canada are always welcomed with open arms, Immigration to Canada can be a hectic task, for that reason, all that’s required is a good visa consultancy firm which can lead you to the province of your dreams.

Make Visas, the leading immigration consultancy is there to answer to all your migration issues. The consultants at Make Visas will not only make the immigration process simpler for you but also guide you to your destination in all probable ways.

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How to help your children overcome migration issues?

Let’s find out about the concerns your children face in terms of immigrating to a new country and how you can help them to cope with the same:

Spend time with your children

Probably it’s the simplest solution that might work wonders. Spend ample time with your children on a habitual basis, to know what difficulties or challenges they are facing, what new things they are learning, and how successful they have been in coping with the new settings.

Make your kids comfortable in the new country

It is a good idea to ask your children about their choice or preference in terms of right school, sports activity, hobby, etc. and try to fulfill the same as well. It will make them perceive that there are things going their way.

Getting assistance from an Immigration Consultant Service is always beneficial

If one’s preparation is strong enough, the level of paramount fear that you have will go down in a jiffy and for that preparation one requires a team of well versed visa consultants who can guide you to the foreign nation of your choice and make your process of migration easier.

One such most suggested firm, Make Visas will direct you to the destination of your will, and help you settle effortlessly.

Since its inception, Make Visas with its team of proficient counselors, immigration experts and solicitors has made obtaining Visa a trouble free affair without one having to waste their integral money and time. At Make Visas, the immigration experts work hard to make your immigration journey a hassle free memory. We thoroughly channel you with all the immigration relevant process, keep you informed with the latest updates, and help you successfully immigrate to foreign nations.

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Get a student visa in 6 easy steps


Global education allows you to explore academics worldwide as no knowledge can be locked out in the books. High quality learning can be experienced via interactive mode of learning that will lead your way to discover the world.

Being an international student offers great opportunities to learn:

  • New Cultures and Values
  • Travel prospects
  • Skill development
  • New Job opportunities and of course,
  • The chance to make new friends around the world

There are different unique courses to pursue worldwide which not only provide you with an eminent degree to hold but also profound practical knowledge.

Make Visas partnered with distinguished and most reputed Colleges and Universities around the globe to ensure that the students receive the best available services and access to the top-notch education programs.

From university selection to student visa application, Make Visas Team takes care of every bit so that you can be assured of a brighter academic future.

Step 1 – Education and Visa Counseling

We apply our experience and understanding of the international education sector to guide each and every applicant to make the best career plan that fits your profile.

Step 2 – Profile Evaluation and Document preparation

Make Visas Education counselors go through every inch of your academic profile to get an overview of how to improve the same for better. We further simplify your labor by submitting your documents and presenting your case correctly in front of the Global Universities.

Step 3 – Course and University Selection on the basis of your profile

We take the burden of finding the perfect institute for you by presenting the best choice basis your interest. We also ensure that you have access to Universities preferred academic programs to widen your knowledge and explore the hidden skills you carry.

Once you have made your selection from our list of partner institutions and programs we can gear up your application from there.

Step 4 – Visa Application submission

Our Team of Overseas Education Counselors thrive to boost your chances of acceptance by guiding you through the complicated Visa application process while ensuring that your submission is received timely.

Step 5 – Landing service

Make Visas’ team provides post-landing services by offering accommodation and settlement assistance. We also guide you in case you decide to go for any part time jobs.

Step 6 – Job assistance after your studies

Once you get your qualifying degrees in hand, we are ready with several job profiles just for you. Using our best network of employers we will assist you with Job interviews and help you in achieving the best career option.

We understand that choosing to study abroad is a big step. Opting the academic program and institution that are right for you is a crucial decision to make. That’s why we employ Student Support Representatives that are specifically trained to help you make these life-changing judgments.

“Your Success is the sum of your efforts, if those efforts are put in the right way!”

Begin your admission process and get your Student Visa done.

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Increase your chances of immigrating to Canada with IELTS scores


If you are a Canada Immigration applicant and sitting tight for your shot of getting an ITA (Invitation to apply) for permanent residency in Canada, this is the high time you try to help your odds of accomplishing the same. In the year 2016, there are different PNP’s and other migration programs dispatching to welcome a great many talented workers for Canada Immigration. In such a situation, you ought to update your profile to come in the legitimacy and getting chosen. The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score is one such variable, which can enhance your profile and in this way offer you some assistance with achieving the qualifying marks.

The Significance of IELTS in Canada Immigration

The IELTS is essentially a globally perceived parameter to judge your Language effectiveness in the English as it is one of the official dialects in Canada alongside French and subsequently, capability in this dialect can truly upgrade your shot of determination in Express Entry System. Your IELTS score is a parameter to judge whether you meet the required CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) or not.

English Language prerequisites for talented migrants in Express Entry System

The CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) Level 7 is the base capability prerequisite for English dialect if it is your first language. On the other hand, in the event that it is the second language, at least scores required is CLB 5.

Endeavor Efforts to Improve the IELTS Score

If you are presenting your profile for the first time through Express Entry, it is prescribed that you rehearse hard in English and accomplish an astounding IELTS score to enhance your profile and upgrade your qualifying marks too. On the off chance that you have as of now presented your profile in Express Entry, on the other hand, not got chosen in the job pool, thus not got an ITA, you can in any case enhance your IELTS score and alter your Express Entry Profile to overhaul your CLB level once more. For that to happen, you have to plan well to achieve a superior IELTS score. There are different online preliminary courses accessible for practice, you can likewise visit the IELTS site to see exam design and addresses and download the study material too.

Get assistance from a reliable Immigration Consultant to get arranged well for Canada Immigration.

There are different angles and inner things, which needs clear comprehension before you really submit Expression of Interest (EOI) in any of the migration programs or apply for the Canadian Visa under a specific class on receipt of the welcome. In such a situation, guidance from a dependable Visa Consultancy Services can demonstrate massively in comprehension the unpredictable immigration technique furthermore to think about the post arrival administrations, i.e. Government advantages and Services, lodging and settlement, employments, group administrations, and so on.

One such most suggested firm, Make Visas will direct you to the destination of your will, and help you settle effortlessly.

Since its inception, Make Visas with its team of proficient counselors, immigration experts and solicitors has made obtaining Visa a trouble free affair without one having to waste their integral money and time. At Make Visas, the immigration experts work hard to make your immigration journey a hassle free memory. We thoroughly channel you with all the immigration relevant process, keep you informed with the latest updates, and help you successfully immigrate to foreign nations.

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How Subclass 457 visa has made working in Australia easy?


Australia, a developed country with the world’s 12th largest economy is one of the wealthiest countries on the globe. It not only offers a quality life, health & education benefits, financial flexibility and political rights protection but also has always given scope to secure a great life and future.

Besides its cosmopolitan cities, excellent infrastructure and healthcare facilities, Australia also offers huge career and employment opportunities to its overseas skilled workers. Thus aspirants seeking immigration to Australia can migrate through subclass 457 visas.

Why work in Australia?

Lately, the government of Australia has seen a good jump in its job market, which made it good news for all those international skilled professionals who are looking forward to seek a job in the nation. So, if you are seeking a job in Australia, Now would be the greatest time.

Grab the opportunities to work in Australia immediately by applying for Subclass 457 Visa.

Australia Skilled Worker Visa – Subclass 457

Australia Subclass 457 Skilled Worker Visa provides you the best pathway of working temporarily in the country and getting a permanent residency status eventually. This visa allows employers of Australia to sponsor international skilled workers who are eligible for the vacant positions in their company and for which the country is facing shortage. Holder of Subclass 457 can also become an Australian permanent resident after a few period of time.

Basic Requirements of Australia Subclass 457

  • Proficient in the English language.
  • Sponsored by an employer to fill the nominated position.
  • Have the required skills, qualifications and the experience for the position he or she has been nominated.

Benefits for Subclass 457

  • This particular visa holder can be employed for a period of three months to about four years.
  • Family can accompany the skilled worker once employment has been secured under this visa.
  • Furthermore, this can increase your chances to secure permanent employment should you wish to stay in Australia for an indefinite period.
  • The skilled Immigrant can only work for the sponsoring company and is not allowed to take up job in any other company or sector during the period when he holds the Subclass 457 visa.

Immigration to Australia, does seems to be a vast basket of golden opportunities, and to avail this, the most important thing is to get involved in the right kind of visa program, suitable for the ones willing to immigrate.

Make Visas is a well-known brand in the field of immigration and visa consultancy, which has guided several of immigration aspirants successfully, and is the right option to be considered for moving across the boundary without much trouble. Since its inception, Make Visas with its team of proficient counselors, immigration experts and solicitors has made obtaining Visa a trouble free affair without one having to waste their integral money and time.

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