How to be Eligible for Canada Express Entry Program?

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When an Individual’s skills and passion don’t match up with their current job position, life gets hell and everything seems to be impossible to achieve. These are those moments when people decide to move on with something new, to move to a new Country, to move their life with the way they always wanted. These random thoughts many time results into one voice that is IMMIGRATION. Immigration to new Country has always changed the lives of many. There are ranges of countries which can be chosen for Immigration but few can be your life changing experience.

Canada is one of those. A land of Immigrants it is known. Aspirants from different parts like student, employees or businessman all immigrates to Canada for their successful life establishment. Many opt for immigration to Canada as a permanent resident to set their life for once. As the number of applicants increasing, the Canadian government has launched The Express Entry Program for Easy access in the Country.

Express Entry Program is an online Application in which you can file your request for Canada permanent residency if you fulfill the requirements and fall under one of the categories mentioned below:

  1. Federal Skilled Worker category
  2. Federal Skilled Trades category
  3. Canadian Experience Class Category

Once you know that you are falling under any of the category mentioned above you should know all other requirements too. The main thing to keep in mind is all your documents should be true and genuine. Any fake paper caught will result in an individual’s cancellation and rejection. To be eligible one more thing to remember is that the company you choose for the filing of your application should be good and professional.

Canada is a good choice when you are thinking for successful career establishment and life is set for the further adventure.

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SINP Reopens For 600 New Applicants Under Express Entry Category

After a huge gap of 3 months, Saskatchewan opened its arms for International Skilled Worker – Express Entry sub-category under SINP or Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program. About 600 new applications will be taken under this category intake. Eligible applicants whose profiles are submitted in the Express Entry candidate’s pool will be given a golden opportunity for acquiring provincial nomination certificate which can lead eventually to Canada Permanent Residency Visa.

By acquiring a provincial nomination certificate under this SINP category, applicant can achieve 600 additional points for CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) and then can be selected at any draw from the Express Entry’s candidate pool.

SINP program selects eligible applicants having required skills and experience in order to fill Saskatchewan’s labor market gaps. Kindly note that the applicants to get the nomination certificate must be present in the Express Entry’s candidate pool and is eligible under any of the three federal programs including, Federa l Skilled Worker ProgramFederal Skilled Trades Program, and the Canadian Experience Class.

Also the SINP Occupation – in-demand list has been updated. Earlier 21 occupations were listed but now the latest SINP occupation list has 17 occupations in it.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must acquire required qualifications to be eligible under SINP International Skilled Worker – Saskatchewan Express Entry sub-category:

  • legal status evidence, in case the applicant is living in  Canada currently
  • Profile has been submitted and accepted in the Express Entry’s candidate pool with having Express Entry Profile Number and Job Seeker Validation Code which must be entered in the SINP application
  • Must submit language examination report qualifying the express entry requirement mentioned in the profile and conducted through an authorized Institution
  • Have acquired minimum 1 year of post-secondary education/training with a degree, diploma, certificate, or a trade certificate equivalent to the Canadian education system
  • Have acquired employment experience relevant to the academic or training field under a highly skilled occupation level NOC 0, A, or B present in the SINP in-demand occupations list:
  1. Minimum 1 year of experience in the last 10 years under a skilled profession (non-trades), OR
  2. Minimum 2 years of experience in a skilled trade in the last 5 years, OR
  3. Minimum 1 year of experience in Canada in the last 3 years (trades and non-trades)
  • Acquire eligibility evidences for Saskatchewan licensure in case the profession is managed in Saskatchewan and requires mandatory certification/licensing
  • Acquire a qualification certificate for the skilled trade under the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship & Trade Certification Commission in case the employment experience falls under a skilled trade
  • Must have a satisfying settlement funds and a settlement plan
  • Must acquire a minimum score of 60 points under SINP point calculator.

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Express Entry draw 61: Above 3000 applicants got Canada PR

Express Entry draw 61: The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points needed by an applicant under Canada Express Entry  came out with high number of invitations. On 4 May 2017, around 3,796 applicants having 423 or more CRS score achieved an ITA.


Applicants who attained an ITA are allowed to apply for Canadian permanent residency through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Family members who are going to accompany the primary applicant such as spouse or common-law partner, dependent children are also eligible under Canada PR visa to reside in Canada.

Applicants who want to submit their application for Canada permanent residency under one of the program named, Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSWC), Federal Skilled Trades Class (FTSC), or Canadian Experience Class (CEC), should first submit their profile in the Express Entry pool of Candidate. After this each individual will be given a CRS score depending on the factors such as age, education, work experience, language capability etc. All profiles are ranked in the Express Entry pool on the basis of their CRS score, and then IRCC periodically organize Express Entry draws in order to invite the highest-ranking profiles from the pool to apply for Canada Permanent Residency.

Updated Express Entry Draw 2016 -2017: Last 3 months

Draw Date Number of Invitation Minimum CRS score
Express Entry draw 61 May 4  3,796 423
Express Entry draw 60 April 19 3,665 415
Express Entry draw 59 April 12 3,923 423
Express Entry draw 58 April 5 3,753 431
Express Entry draw 57 March 24 3,749 441
Express Entry draw 56 March 1 3,884 434

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Express Entry Immigration Program Canada


Under the Citizenship and Canada Immigration program The Government of Canada said that the long awaited express entry program will be going o launch in 1st January 2015. This program is launched for the skilled workers who are interested in immigrating and can apply globally for immigration to Canada. The potential candidates can apply for immigration with a profile that will express their interest in order to immigrate for Canada. Through their expression of interest the employers of Canada can sort out the best candidate who will be able o meet the requirements and attain a long term goal for Canada in the social and economic development.

The new express entry program is about to launch with many innovative ideas and improvements that will help in immigration. This program have benefits like it is quick processing and have greater accessibility to candidates from areas of different fields and the selection process will be focused on the quality and skill of the applicants rather than the first come first served criteria.

An applicant is offered for immigration through express entry by entering under the following programs: Federal Skilled Workers, Federal Skilled Trades, Canadian Experience Class and Business Class. In the new Canada express entry immigration programme the candidate will be selected according to new rules:

The Canadian employer will select the best and suitable person who will give a hand for success in Canada.

• The applicants who have knowledge of working and who can improve the Job Bank
• There is a plan to invest around 14 million dollars in the next two years
• The selected applicants should sign the invitation of acceptance in less than or in 6 months from invitation to migrate to Canada.

The Express Entry Program will work by going through five steps as it is followed in countries like New Zealand and Australia:

  • Creating an express entry profile: The candidates need to create an Express Entry online profile in order to make their identification with updating their skills and qualifications. The profiles of the candidates will be judged against the other applicants who are competing with same factors with knowledge of languages like English, French. The education and work experience as well as other factors are seen while making the selection.
  • After selection a job offer is given applicants who have not received the job offer from a Canada Work Permits employer have to register again with the upgraded Job Bank for Canada. It is a platform where candidates post their recommendation so that the employers who are seeking for workers can search for the applicant who can meet the requirement in order to get served from them by a job.
  • Once the profiles are sort listed the candidates who fulfill the need of federal economic program will be step ahead in the pool for Express Entry.
  • From the pool the candidates will be selected by Govt. / PT / UT / Canadian employer by issuing an “Invitation to Apply,” where the candidate need to apply in 60 days.
  • Then the candidate can apply for permanent residence under the FSW / FST / CEC / PNP

Now apply for immigration to Canada easily through express entry online program.

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How to Work in the Maple Country


People across the globe apply to work in Canada every year under laws that allow them to accept employment in the country. The aspiring youth who are willing to work in Canada Visas can apply through the foreign worker program for a temporary work permit if they meet certain immigration requirements. In many cases, these employees fill positions that economically benefit the country because a shortage of skilled workers exists. The process to apply for a Canadian work permit follows specific steps outlined in the country’s immigration laws.

A prospective employer can help a foreigner determine eligibility for the foreign worker program by requesting a labour market opinion from Human Resources and Social Development Canada. This agency evaluates the negative or positive impact to the country from hiring immigrant workers. It analyzes the availability of Canadian residents who could perform the job and determines if the applicant brings needed skills to Canada. If the government issues a positive labour market opinion, it allows a foreigner to apply for a work permit. The opinion usually comes with a time limit so economic conditions can be re-evaluated if an extension is requested.

The applicants must show proof of job offers by submitting contracts or letters from the employers. They must also provide documentation of their education, experience, and training that qualifies them for positions in Canada, and a copy of the positive labour market opinion. Application packets need to include proof that applicants can legally return to their home countries once the Canada work permit expires. The completed application can be submitted in the country of legal residency. In some cases, it can be turned into Canadian officials once the foreigner arrives.

As soon as the application is approved, the Canada Business Visas government issues a temporary resident visa. If foreign workers plan to bring their spouses and children, these relatives might also be eligible to apply for permission to work. Often, these relatives can accept any open position without obtaining a labour market opinion based on the type of work the primary applicant performs. Family members must present documents from employers offering jobs and proof of employment.


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