Working Holiday Visas for Australia

Australia is a huge area to explore. You need to bag a lot of time and a lot of money to see the country in one time. With a Working Visa in Australia nobody can stop you from earning a good amount of cash and having a successful lifestyle. Spending a moderate amount of time in a foreign country and has the working rights of the same to cover it up is known as a working holiday. With this, you are capable of taking up a job and eventually break that arrangement by travelling or moving on to a new location in the country. The Australian Working Holiday Visa provides young generation i.e. from the age of 18 to 30 an opportunity to have a holiday supported by a temporary employment for 12 months.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Age must range from 18 to 30.
  • No dependent children.
  • At arrival one should have a required amount of fund to support oneself.
  • Passport from an Eligible Country which should be valid for at least one more year.
  • No Australian Working Holiday Visa received before.
  • No serious criminal convictions on you.
  • No serious medical issues.


Australian Working Holiday Visa is valid for the period of 12 months, during which you can go and come in the country as per your wish. To stay longer than 12 months, you can use the help of USIT with which you can apply for a Second Year Australian Working Holiday Visa.

Conditions of Work:

Any kind of temporary or casual work can be taken under this visa. The main target of a Working Holiday Visa is to travel and celebrate your Holiday in Australia, which is why you can’t work for more than 6 months under any employer.

Visa Benefits:

  • It grants you an access to the country for a longer time compared to a tourist visa.
  • With this, you can work as well as travel. So this will maintain your financial condition while you can travel your heart out.
  • You make more local friends. It leads to a general understanding of a culture.
  • This visa gives you an opportunity to stay in the Country for an extended period.
  • It helps in creation of a better resume.

Make Visas, the leading Immigration firm handles all the process for Working Holiday Visa and Australian Immigration. The Working Holiday Visa for Australia allows young aspirants between the ages of 18 and 30 to have an extended holiday supported by casual employment for up to 12 months. Experience the Working Holiday Visa benefits by travelling to Australia with the help of Make Visas.

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Immigration to Denmark with Make Visas

Immigration to Denmark

Immigration to a whole new world is a choice which is made depending upon dreams, choice and affordability. Still it is pretty difficult to decide that one Place in the whole Planet where you can fulfil your dreams as well as which can favour your decision to be there for a lifetime. With everything else we need to be in a destination where one could be happy and safe. And when it comes to Happiness, World’s Happiest Country Denmark is one of the most desired destinations to be in.

Denmark is also known for its safety and low crime Rate. Who don’t wants to live in a safe and steady environment? With all these Denmark offers various world popular attractions. This Country with its mesmerising Beauty gives you a chance to be involved into a magical world of breath taking Monuments. Denmark has already earned its name all over the world as a popular immigration destination.

Danish Culture

Danish people maintain a culture of live and let live which welcomes immigrants more. No one needs nagging crowd who wants to know everything and anything about your personal stuffs; they enjoy residing in Denmark to find great peace of mind. Denmark Government has always taken care of all needs of its citizens and serves with great facility for health, sanitation and transportation services.

Denmark is the most Desirable Destination for Aspirants who migrates with great dreams to find life-making career. Denmark alone has witnessed a large number of immigrants who flock in the country with great skills and eventually get success in a short period of time. In today’s date many People are living happily in Denmark and enjoying their dream life that is offering better growth for them as well as the country.

Whether you are looking for worker visa or tourist visa, you can get what you need in most simple ways. The process of Getting Danish Green Card needs Point Based System. On the basis of several factors such as age, work experience, language proficiency, and educational background applicants are selected for the Green Card for Residency.

Make Visas is one of the leading Immigration Company serving all the information and services for Immigration to Denmark. The company provides quality professional assistance to immigrants and visa applicants interested in work permits, residence permit, or business immigration.

180 days journey to … Australia PR visa

How many of you have heard fairy stories? Ya I get it all of you, I know.

Stories full of things which are far from the real world. Stories in which everything we wish for comes true. Stories which make us desire things, which we may not be able to even afford. Like I always wished for those Cinderella’s glass sandals…But I didn’t have one!!!

So we all know that these things are only in lullabies and not for real. But sometimes we wish for things may be we can afford but do not reach them due to absence of the correct guidance. And times like this need stories to inspire

Hey wait!! I have one for you. Story of a journey to Australia Permanent Residency in 180 days. This is a story of a family and their rightful guide who made their fairy story true and I will tell you how?

Once upon a time there lived a family of three, hardworking man with his beautiful wife and an adorable son. They only had one wish –

“We want to immigrate to Australia and settle down there for a bright future and successful life”

But how? So they started searching for their magical guide, who can assist them in migrating process and make their dream come true.

And then they reached MAKE VISAS, the growing name in the immigration industry with a team of expert immigration counselors offering top notch and quality services.

It happens to be the most contemporary yet experienced immigration and visa consultancy firm, which beholds a strong and striving reputation across the globe for providing the most efficient services in immigration industry. Their Legal Immigration Department is specialized to handle Migration cases for overseas education, job, business or residency.

They administer several Visa Programs for all the TOP Migration Destinations and assist you in getting the Finest Education Plan, an Overseas Job, a global Investment and Permanent Residency for your aspired country abroad.

Finally the family found their magical guide they were looking for!

Now let’s move to their journey step by step:

Step 1 – Counseling session

They met Expert Immigration counselors who provided keen analysis and world-class assistance to their case.

Step 2 – Documentation assistance

Very skillful documentation team looked into the positive aspects of their application and raised the case in the immigration queue.

Step 3 – Filing Visa Application

They filed the application for Australia PR Visa with precision.

As a result of above process this family got the following results:

  • Skill Assessment done – 30 days
  • Invitation to Apply for Australia permanent residency visa received – 30 days
  • Visa granted – 90 days

Total processing time : 180 DAYS

They got their aspirations fulfilled, What are you waiting for? Contact Make Visas and Make your dreams of abroad immigration alive!

For more details visit the link below and get to know interesting stories: on Australia PR Visas:

Australia PR Visa – Success Story

Top 5 cities for higher education in Australia

Australia is one of the top destinations for students across the globe. This country offers a range of academic courses to foreign students, breaking their limitations and providing the freedom to choose their desired field of study. Australia is very popular among students worldwide due to the top universities and the range of courses offering bachelor degrees to PhD degrees.

More than thousands of students immigrate to Australia every year and here are the top 5 cities in Australia which are the number one choice of international students:


Melbourne, ranked the number one city in the world has 9 universities including Victoria and Deakin University with various academic courses that offer quality education. It is known for subjects like teaching, nursing, science, engineering, IT and business. The city is also known for its well-managed transport system which makes it the number 1 choice for students to study and live in Melbourne.


Despite of the higher cost of living Sydney is still a popular choice among international students with some of the best universities of the country. This city incorporates 5 major universities with more than thousands of students enrolled every year. This city is famous for its courses like biosciences, business management and health courses.


Perth is the most suitable destination for obtaining education in Western Australia. The university here provides a broad variety of academic programs and a strong education system for international students. This city is known for its job openings and huge opportunities especially in the mining industry.


This destination harbors beautiful beaches, social spots and wineries. With this, Adelaide has numerous universities that become the center of attraction for international students. If you are a big time food lover and prefer low expenses, Adelaide is the place for you.


Brisbane is again a preferred destination for international students due to its education courses and job opportunities. It has well-known renowned universities and colleges offering quality teaching services to the international students. It is also one of the most economical cities of Australia when it comes to residing and financing your education.

While studying in Australia will leave you with a lifetime experience of beautiful memories, you can gain more information on immigration plans and opportunities like these by contacting Make Visas today.

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Work visa V/S Permanent residency visa in Canada

Immigration as a process has evolved through generations, now there is no more waiting in queues, gathering all those documents and filling up heaps of pages. It has gained excellent success rate in the past few years due to the enhanced technology, better living standards, advanced education and work opportunities prevalent across the border.

Convenience right at your desktop screens is the in thing now, but one of the most important point to consider here is to make an informed decision before hitting that apply button. Now, how you going to do that?

Some common reasons of immigrating to foreign land are as follows:

  •    Travel, Visit family& friends, explore
  •    Higher education & research studies
  •    Working, Business or Investment
  •    Settling Down in Abroad Nation

According to a recent survey, among all these, the most common reasons for Immigrating to Canada are work and permanent settlement.

Skilled immigrants worldwide leave their native land and fly to abroad nations in order to earn a lavishing life for themselves and their family at a faster pace. Some want to make their lifetime savings in few years and return while many want to settle and establish their life.

But the toughest question lays which option to go for? Work Visa or Permanent Residency.

As there is a very minor line between the two visa options, many people get confuse with both of them and end up choosing the wrong path for their career plan.

The Difference: Work & Residency

The very idea of a Canadian work visa sounds appealing. With less paper work and short processing times this option when compared to a permanent residence visa is better. Hence which means, you can come to Canada faster.

Now as all humans do is – we see the shining gold above and not the melting lava inside.

People often don’t consider the temporary and inflexible nature of a work permit. Means, you would be limited to work for the same employer, at the same position until the employer relieve you from your specified services or when your work permit expires, whichever comes first.

Let’s say one of that happens, what do you do? You would have to run for a new job offer with a new employer and/or reapply for a work permit that might have chances of rejection.

So what’s the alternative here?  Permanent Residency Visa

Being a Permanent Resident you are allowed to live and work in Canada with the same freedoms as a citizen. Additionally, rights are also granted to your dependent family, which is not available with temporary work permits.

As a permanent resident you can be a nurse, doctor, engineer, anything or even an astronaut, the choice is yours!

So Apply for the freedom of your choice, Go for Permanent Residency in Canada with Make Visas

How to tackle the cons of immigrating abroad?

The zeal of exploring beyond what is given often provides us with privileged outcomes. One such keen endeavor is the process of Immigration to another country.

We are all familiar with the perks it offers:

  • Better Education
  • High Standard of Living
  • Job Opportunities
  • Travel Prospects.

And of course the downside:

  • Away from your close knit people, your parents, friends back there.
  • New environment, new cuisine, new culture, Ah! I can’t survive this.
  • Dealing with the new Currency & Banking system. You have to bear the Math.

Now, let’s come to the part where we can resolve these shortcomings:

  • Keeping in touch does take some effort, but we do have technologies (Skype, Facetime, Snapchat, Whatsapp) that can make you feel accustomed and less lonely.
  • Read up on the place you want to migrate to. Learn the language prevalent there, about their culture and etiquettes and you are good to go.
  • When it comes to living abroad, money does matter, initially it will take time to remember the exchange rates, the way their banks operate, but once you set in your foot it gradually becomes convenient.

While some countries welcome migrants with an easy immigration process, yet for some, it happens to be an intricate procedure. Therefore, to understand the whole soul of migration process and your chosen Visa Program Contact Make Visas today.

Your dreams are just a few clicks away from being fulfilled.

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Benefits of ETA Visa Australia

Australia is the apple of everyone’s eye when it comes to tourist destinations. Vacations in Australia are without any second thought the most desirable ones. It darns its visitors with world famous sights and amazing indoor and outdoor adventures, hence making them fall in love with the place every time they visit.

Australian Tourist visa is what you need to immigrate to the country. Visa is a legal document which testifies that the person to whom it belongs is authorized to enter the territory of that particular country for which it is issued. It is provided by the department of immigration of that particular country for which you have applied. Similarly, if you are planning to travel to Australia for vacations, either with your family and friends or alone, then you have to apply for Tourist visa & Travel ETA visa for Australia.

ETA Tourist visa is one of the most common and easily applied Visa for Australia these days. It is issued for 12 months and the holder can spend up to three consecutive months in the territory as a tourist. ETA is electronically merged to the applicant’s passport. Thus, if your passport expires before the validity of your ETA then your visa will get expire automatically. So it is very important to make sure that before applying your passport validity date is checked. ETA’s are only issued to ETA eligible countries which are enlisted by the Department of immigration and citizenship (DIAC), which are as follows: Brunei, Canada, Hong Kong (SAR), Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and United States of America.

The ETA tourist visa can also be applied online. Applicants of tourist visa must not be involved into any criminal proceedings and is not permitted to undertake any work while staying in Australian territory on a tourist visa. Limited volunteer work may be acceptable.

Holder of Australian tourist visa should make sure to leave the Australian territory when his visa is about to expire; else strict actions can be taken against him.

Make Visas is a leading immigration consulting firm housing experts on Australian Visa and Services. The experienced immigration specialists and the case managers provide latest information and give complete assistance. Please feel free to contact to get information or resolve queries.