Immigrating Abroad for Further Studies?

Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Apply for relevant scholarships.
  • Gain thorough knowledge about the university you are planning to enroll for.
  • Collect all the information about the course you wish to pursue.
  • Get all your medical records in place.
  • Besides that, acquire all your academic certificates from previous institutes.
  • Get set to ace the entrances.
  • Still being apprehensive? Seek help from proficient Student Visa Counselor at Make Visas.

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Get a student visa in 6 easy steps


Global education allows you to explore academics worldwide as no knowledge can be locked out in the books. High quality learning can be experienced via interactive mode of learning that will lead your way to discover the world.

Being an international student offers great opportunities to learn:

  • New Cultures and Values
  • Travel prospects
  • Skill development
  • New Job opportunities and of course,
  • The chance to make new friends around the world

There are different unique courses to pursue worldwide which not only provide you with an eminent degree to hold but also profound practical knowledge.

Make Visas partnered with distinguished and most reputed Colleges and Universities around the globe to ensure that the students receive the best available services and access to the top-notch education programs.

From university selection to student visa application, Make Visas Team takes care of every bit so that you can be assured of a brighter academic future.

Step 1 – Education and Visa Counseling

We apply our experience and understanding of the international education sector to guide each and every applicant to make the best career plan that fits your profile.

Step 2 – Profile Evaluation and Document preparation

Make Visas Education counselors go through every inch of your academic profile to get an overview of how to improve the same for better. We further simplify your labor by submitting your documents and presenting your case correctly in front of the Global Universities.

Step 3 – Course and University Selection on the basis of your profile

We take the burden of finding the perfect institute for you by presenting the best choice basis your interest. We also ensure that you have access to Universities preferred academic programs to widen your knowledge and explore the hidden skills you carry.

Once you have made your selection from our list of partner institutions and programs we can gear up your application from there.

Step 4 – Visa Application submission

Our Team of Overseas Education Counselors thrive to boost your chances of acceptance by guiding you through the complicated Visa application process while ensuring that your submission is received timely.

Step 5 – Landing service

Make Visas’ team provides post-landing services by offering accommodation and settlement assistance. We also guide you in case you decide to go for any part time jobs.

Step 6 – Job assistance after your studies

Once you get your qualifying degrees in hand, we are ready with several job profiles just for you. Using our best network of employers we will assist you with Job interviews and help you in achieving the best career option.

We understand that choosing to study abroad is a big step. Opting the academic program and institution that are right for you is a crucial decision to make. That’s why we employ Student Support Representatives that are specifically trained to help you make these life-changing judgments.

“Your Success is the sum of your efforts, if those efforts are put in the right way!”

Begin your admission process and get your Student Visa done.

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